1. Current work in progress.

    Current work in progress.

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Untitled by Marco Tirelli


    Untitled by Marco Tirelli

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  4. In my Amy Pond Kissogram Costume from Doctor Who! I love Halloween.

    In my Amy Pond Kissogram Costume from Doctor Who! I love Halloween.

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Natalie Richy, Self-Portrait


    Natalie Richy, Self-Portrait

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  6. Anonymous said: Remember when you cursed eatsleepdraw for featuring one of your paintings and you cursed them out for not properly crediting you? And also that time that you question the stuff they put up and their submission process? Do you have any regrets now that they will be having a show/exhibit? You could've been featured there.

    woah woah woah. I’ve never said anything bad about eatsleepdraw! Well except for the submission process thing. I think its safe to admit that the artwork they showed on their site when I made that comment was of variant quality. 

    Eatsleepdraw featured some of my art because I submitted it. That means they had (and presented) the proper credit/titles for the paintings. Unfortunately that does not stop just anyone from reblogging and taking out the original information. Anyone can do (and has done) that straight from my own tumblr. The particular issue I had was not necessarily improper crediting (which did happen) but the fabrication of titles for my work which bothered me more. It was an issue that I dealt with without “cursing”.  This is also a broad problem many artists have that promote any kind of art online. So to clarify, I have had no issues with eatsleepdraw.

    I never live life with regrets that takes up too much time and energy I can spend elsewhere. I have enough day to day anxiety that I try not to think of could haves and would haves. Thats one of the things I learned from my background in theatre: if you audition and don’t get the part, go to another audition.  

    Damn, kick in the pants like I got from this Anon makes me actually want to get on my tumblr more… but not really.

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  8. A work in progress for my next series ‘Wall And Sky’

    A work in progress for my next series ‘Wall And Sky’

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  9. sexualfunction said: Really like your Tumblr, and have been loving looking at your paintings. I like the sense of lonliness tempered by the feeling that something is about to happen or perhaps has just taken place.

    Thank you! A lot of my art is influenced by my background in theatre. The sense of subtle conflict is very important for theatre and therefore my artwork.   

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  10. Anonymous said: SALVADOR DALI Ruby Lips Brooch, 1949- "Do you know how much the original would be worth today"?

    I did find a link for some reproductions made by the jeweler that worked with Salvador Dali. The reproductions are 4,000 and up. I would imagine the original is much more then that.

    Dali was very prolific and made art in many different forms. Here are a few of my favorite non-painting works by Dali:

    I know that this wasn’t a definite answer but I hope it helps. Thank you for a brilliant question! 

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